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Bathroom Upgrade Before Selling Your Property

When potential homeowners go around houses for sale, they look at bathrooms first. Some find the number of bathrooms critical. They want to have a full bath family bathroom, a master, and a powder room half bathroom for their future guests.

For appealing to future buyers, it is essential to add another bathroom. But the question is, how much should you spend?

A renovation is around $14,000 to $20,000 depending on the features you choose to include. The bathroom and kitchen sell a house wherein people want to buy the most expensive home that they can buy.

What this means is that people looking for a house wants a bathroom and kitchen that doesn’t need renovations. They want it to be in top shape.

Bathroom Planning

As you fix your bathroom, you want the future owners to have hassle-free experience in using the bathroom. However, you also must enjoy the space while you’re still there and include features and upgrades that will make a bathroom comfortable enough to fit your lifestyle.

A lot of people who want to sell their house remodels the bathroom. After all the work, they immediately sell the house without even enjoying the newly furnished bathroom.

It’s better to enjoy the new bathroom then sell it. Don’t worry; you’ll get your money out of it.

Think about what you want when renovating the bathroom. Research and set priorities on what sells a bath.

Write down every cost that you spent. Check to see which equipment and furniture must go and which ones will stay. See which ones will get your bathroom to look stunning.

When reselling, focus on the colors, tiles, fixtures and other visuals. Avoid spending money on high-end utilities because a lot of people can’t tell.

Consider these four tips when remodeling your bathroom for resale.

Talk to the professionals

See other homes in your neighborhood and check how many bathrooms do they have. Which ones should you add to be competitive? Do you need a full or a half bath? Find out from realtors which bathroom features do buyers want.

Think timeless

Choose colors and designs that will last for a long time and can personalize with accessories such as towels, racks, and others.

Add some wow

Include some factors that will make any buyer say wow. Take, for example, if you’re planning to replace the floor, you can buy radiant heat floor mats that will serve as the attraction to home buyers. Or you could install in some bidet seat for a modern look.

Homeowners will remember the radiant heat floor mat and tie them to it. You can also choose to add hand showers as they are cost-effective, convenient and is an upgrade in comparison to the standard shower head.


With a simple towel switch, a dowdy shower curtain replacement and an added attractive centerpiece. Even as simple as arrangements can make a whole lot of difference to the way a bathroom looks.

Roll and place towels neatly in an open cabinet. Make sure to keep the vanity countertop clean.

All these tips can help you sell your house, or you may just use it to the house to yourself.

Whichever you choose, your bathroom will love the new look that it’s getting.